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TOTAL adapts to companies’ electric mobility needs. Thanks to our tailor-made charging services, we ease up your company’s energy transition. Your electric vehicle fleets, your employees and guests will benefit from a 10 years expertise of high-quality service in electric mobility. For your co-workers' company electric vehicle TOTAL displays a range of solutions for whenever they are on the move. For your guests and customers TOTAL brings you the right solution so they can charge their electric vehicles whenever they access your parking lot. 

A recognized expertise in electric mobility

Electric mobility for companies territories and drivers

We have 10-years of recognized expertise in electric mobility combined with the strength of an energy Major.

With more than 15,000 operated charge points in France, the Netherlands and Belgium, in 2019 TOTAL delivered more than 10 GWh of electrical energy, enabling our customers to travel nearly 60 million kilometers in electric vehicles* (i.e. 1,500 times around the Earth).

* Hypothesis: The average consumption of an EV is 17 kWh/100km.

Tailor-made electric solutions for your needs

Charging solutions adapted corporate electric vehicles

TOTAL can adapt to your company needs and particularities to provide the most relevant electric charging solution. Our tailor-made services are a unique combination of open solutions and personalized support.

We offer your company a turnkey charging solution, which comes with an easy charge points installation and an all-managed monitoring of your charging infrastructures.

A highly reliable service and customer support

Quality support to charge company EV

Choosing electric charge points and services from TOTAL is choosing the quality of a Major in energy for mobility (fourth largest global player in the lubricants market; second largest distribution network of the majors, excluding North America).

To keep in line with our quality pledge, TOTAL’s charging solutions provide a highly reliable customer support which answers in less than 20 seconds to 90% of phone calls.